If there is one thing which makes our school better than others it is our staff. Hand picked over the past 24 years, most of our instructors have been with us for many years and call Kaos their primary job. While uniquely different, each of our teaching staff share one very important quality, they are all wonderful people. We believe that all of the music education in the world means nothing if it can't be communicated to the student in a fun way. Music lessons are an elective activity for most which means it should be first and foremost, fun. It is with this in mind that we consistently produce high quality results from students who can enjoy music for the rest of their lives.
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Sheri is a veteran educator with over 19 years experience, most of which is with us here at Kaos. Sheri not only teaches a full schedule of private students, she is a fully certified Yamaha Music Education instructor as well as our school administrator. Sheri and her Yamaha Certified colleagues have developed our early childhood education program using Yamaha’s Music Education System. When asked, Sheri would tell you that she gets the most joy out of her teaching when her students enjoy their lessons and leave feeling good about their accomplishments. When not working for us here, Sheri spends many hours volunteering in the community and relaxing with her husband Jon (also a talented piano player) and friends. She also enjoys a good hockey game and can always be found watching football on Grey Cup Sunday.
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Lee began her classical piano training at the age of eight, and has loved music for as long as she can remember. A graduate of the Etobicoke School of the Arts (Viola and Piano major), Humber College (Jazz Studies - Arranging and Composing), and the Royal Conservatory of Music (Piano), Lee knows that there is no end to musical discovery! Early experiences singing with the Toronto Children's Chorus and, later, private vocal training, prepared Lee with well-rounded musical performance experience. She has provided music for corporate and private functions; she has also prepared and accompanied students for exams, recitals, and auditions. As a teacher, Lee draws out students' musicality by teaching songs that students enjoy playing, and helping them connect the dots between rhythm, melodies, theory, and history. When Lee is not teaching, playing, or writing music, she enjoys yoga, martial arts, reading books, and above all, being with her family.
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As a lifelong student of music, Stacey has accumulated a wealth of musical knowledge and performing experience. Her musical education began in 2003 at the Royal Conservatory of Music where she ultimately obtained her A.R.C.T in piano performance as well as her Grade 8 in Voice. She continued her musical journey at Humber College where she completed her Bachelor of Music - Piano in their prestigious Jazz Program. Along the way, Stacey has accumulated a wealth of teaching experience having worked as a piano/voice instructor for the past 6 years. As well, Stacey works diligently on her own music as a singer songwriter and performing musician in various musical acts in the GTA area. Her structured and organized approach to teaching combined with her delightful disposition make her a terrific addition to our staff.
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Nicole is a pianist, vocalist, composer and teacher, with 19 years of musical experience, 9 of those in teaching. She achieved her A.R.C.T. in Piano Performance, and subsequently studied at the University of Toronto, with a major in Classical Piano Performance. While at U of T, Nicole sang with the Macmillan Singers, and performed with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra. In addition to performing and recording, she has been composing songs for 15 years, and in 2001 received VideoFACT and PromoFACT awards. Nicole is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Contemporary Music at Humber College, with a major in Jazz Vocals, and is very happy to be joining us for another year of teaching.
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Stacey has been a favourite here at KAOS for 5 years now. Teaching both private piano as well as our Yamaha group program Stacey keeps busy during her weekly time here at KAOS. While she does not teach voice, she has a beautiful voice which is often put to use in her lessons. Stacey has completed her RCM Grade 10 and is currently working towards completing her A.R.C.T. Stacey has also completed her Bachelor of Sacred Music, majoring in piano and songwriting. While classically trained, Stacey would consider herself a specialist in improvising and lead sheet style playing. Many of her students take advantage of these specialties in their individualized learning programs. Outside of KAOS Music, Stacey spends much or her time working on her original music which can be experienced at
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Emily is a multi-instrumentalist having completed a Bachelor of Contemporary Music degree from Humber College as well as her RCM Grade 9 Piano. Adding to her 15 years of experience on piano, Emily primarily plays trombone, and has studied with and performed alongside many of the country’s greatest talents. Her eclectic musical taste has led to experience with the renowned Toronto All-Star Big Band, rock groups, an R&B band and even brass quintets, as well as performances with jazz greats including Benny Golson and Terence Blanchard. Along with her existing private students, Emily is a Yamaha Certified Instructor and teaches many of our Junior Music Courses.
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Denielle brings many years of teaching experience both locally and internationally with her as she joins our teaching staff for the beginning of September 2013. Having completed her Bachelor's Degree in Music at Humber College in their esteemed Jazz program she has gone on to put those talents to work in her performing work as well as her teaching. Denielle would say that she specializes in inspiring students to meet their highest capabilities by providing them as high a standard of instruction as possible. By using techniques that she has learned in her own development Danielle dedicates her efforts to finding the best, and most FUN way to meet each individual's needs. We are very pleased that Denielle has joined our team and look forward to working with her this coming year.
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Cassandra joins our team having spent the past 10 years studying, performing and teaching. After earning a Bachelor of Music from Wilfred Laurier University Cassandra went on to earn both a Performance as well as an Artist Diploma from The Glenn Gould School of the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto. During this time Cassandra was the recipient of many vocal awards including the 2010 Lily Kertes Rolin International Prize in Vocal Studies, the highest acknowledgement awarded at the Glenn Gould School of the Royal Conservatory. As well, Cassandra also earned her Grade 6 RCM Piano, her Grade 2 Theory and Grade 3 Harmony along the way. After years of traveling and performing, Cassandra has settled in Toronto where she plans to build her teaching career with us here at KAOS as well as pursue continued performance opportunities. It is our pleasure to welcome Cassandra to our staff. Her students will benefit from her years of operatic training and performing as well as her versatility in many other more contemporary styles such as pop/rock and jazz.
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Heidi is a multi instrumentalist/songwriter. She first sat down at the piano over 14 years ago and has never looked back. Having completed her Grade 8 Piano, her Advanced Rudiments and Basic Harmony from the Royal Conservatory of Music she continues her musical education at York University in pursuit of her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Music, both piano and voice. Heidi also continues to study both piano and voice privately outside of her university program. Her extensive exposure to classical music and now her immersion into the jazz world allow Heidi to bring a broad spectrum of musical genres to her teaching. Combine that with her confidently calm disposition and you get a great music instructor!
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Everett obtained his bachelor of Music through the Humber College extended Bachelors Program and holds his Grade 8 RCM. Beyond his piano accomplishments Everett is an high level guitarist. He has worked as an educator in many different settings including music schools, dance schools and music theatre schools as music director. In and around Toronto, Everett can be found playing in many different jobbing bands where he plays guitar and sings. Everett joined our school during the ’07 year and has quickly become a valued and popular member of our teaching staff. In more recent years, Everett has become one of the main coaches in our Rock Band Experience Program.
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Having completed her Grade 8 RCM in both piano and voice as well as her Grade 3 Harmony, Angela is now in the process of completing her Music Degree in Jazz Vocal Performance at the University of Toronto. Her many years of both performing and private teaching make her an ideal addition to our teaching staff this year. For both beginner and intermediate piano students as well as voice students of all levels and styles, Angela would be a great fit.
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Heather joins our teaching staff as the third member of her family to teach piano for KAOS Music. She comes from a truly musical family. For over 12 years, Heather studied piano with ARCT instructor Jean DeVires having earned her Grade 8 RCM Performance, both basic and advanced RCM Rudiments as well as basic RCM Harmony. Along side piano, Heather also studies classical harp (yes the big stringed instrument often played by angels on TV) with Sarah Davidson, principal harpist of the Canadian Opera Company. Heather is also in the process of becoming certified to teach the Yamaha Music Education System. Heather's kind and enthusiastic personality combined with her substantial musical ability and years of teaching experience make for a great combination when it comes to your piano lessons.
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Born and raised in Netishyn, Ukraine Yana's formal musical training began in 1993 at the Netishyn Art School where she studied both piano and voice. She then went on to earn Masters Degree in International Studies and Culture from the National University of Ostroh. During that time, she also studied cello at the U of R Conservatory in Kiev. In 2010 Yana made the move to Canada where she initially settled in Regina and now Toronto. Over the years in both the Ukraine and here in Canada, Yana has gained valuable teaching experience while working as both a piano and voice instructor. Yana brings a unique mix of classical training combined with her passion for traditional folk music and her newer found love of North American pop music and musical theatre music to her teaching.
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Frank has been playing guitar for longer then he'd care to admit and teaching for well over 20 years, most of that time for us. In fact, Frank was Kaos Music Centre's first ever guitar teacher starting with us in late 1989. Besides having years of playing experience, Frank attended Humber College taking part in their prestigious music program. Frank is a well known Blues guitarist in the Canadian music community and has many original CD's to his credit. As a teacher, Frank is well known for his enthusiasm and enjoys a loyal following of students. His specialty is The Blues and Frank has helped many students explore this age old genre in detail with great success.
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Chris has been playing guitar for over 20 years and teaching for over 10 years. As a teenager, Chris studied rock, jazz, classical and theory at the Eli Kassner Guitar Academy in Toronto under renowned instructor Rob Campbell. He has recorded 3 CDs with his own band and has been labeled by the Toronto Sun “ a songwriting Charles Atlas” He continues to play live in Toronto with his own band and many others. Chris believes anyone should walk out from their first guitar lesson with three chords under their belt and a smile on their face. His approach emphasizes fun for the student, technique on the instrument and enthusiasm for music.
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Ayron was born in Stratford, Ontario and grew up taking guitar and theory lessons in Kitchener. He has played guitar for 25 years and has taught for the past 7. He studied jazz guitar performance at Humber College and graduated in 1998. He has been a constant in the Toronto live music scene for over 15 years playing guitar, bass, mandolin, drums and accordion with the likes of Kevin Quain, Taxi Chain, The Mahones, Wild Strawberries and has been a sideman for dozens of singer/songwriters in this fair city. Ayron's incredibly positive approach to his work and life in general has earned him one the top spots in the hearts of our students.
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Chris has been teaching guitar and bass since 2002. He enjoys teaching students of all ages and skill levels, and is comfortable with all styles from rock to jazz and fusion to blues. "My number one priority with every student is to make music fun for them". Chris earned a Bachelor of Music Degree (Summa Cum Laude) in Guitar Performance from the famed Berklee College of Music in Boston. He also holds a Diploma in Jazz Studies from Camosun College in Victoria B.C. His performance experience spans many years and many provinces. Having recently relocated to Toronto, we here at KAOS are happy to welcome such an accomplished player and instructor to our faculty.
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Andrew joins the KAOS teaching staff after many years of developing his musical abilities. Starting over 20 years ago, Andrew began his musical journey on violin, studying at the Etobicoke Suzuki School of Music. He has played/studied guitar since the age of 9 and continued studying music while completing his Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies from Wilfrid Laurier University with a minor in Music. Andrew's teaching experience spans back many years when he first took on some local violin students. Since then he has taught regularly while attending university and accumulated a lot of practical experience. Having settled back in Toronto now, Andrew is happy to have the opportunity to establish himself as a regular teacher here at KAOS. His love for playing (both instruments) as well as composing music compliment his enthusiasm with his students and their lessons.
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Ryan has played guitar for as long as he can remember and taught it for the past 5 years. After completing his degree in Music Performance through the Humber College Jazz Program Ryan came to work for us as a sales person. His intense interest and knowledge of all things guitar equipment made him a fast friend to many KAOS customers and a valuable sales person. However, his undeniably great playing ability and his urge to share made him a natural prospect to teach. So, in recent years Ryan has become a multi talented employee here at KAOS teaching part of his time and working on our sales floor the rest of the time. His natural playing ability is a great asset when selling instruments and his equipment knowledge is a great asset in the classroom.
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Heather started taking classical guitar training at the age of nine and discovered  her true love, the Fender Stratocaster, by age 12, when she began to pursue her passion for the blues and rock & roll. She graduated from Cawthra Park's Regional Arts Program with honors before being accepted into the Humber College jazz program, where she completed a degree in contemporary applied music. Heather brings a young enthusiasm combined with a serious musical ability to her lessons. As a result, students young and old find their lessons fun and productive.
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Justin is a fellow that wears many hats. While Justin mainly teaches bass for us here at Kaos, he is completely capable of teaching guitar and drums. Justin is truly one of our most versatile teachers. Aside from teaching full time for Kaos, Justin keeps a busy playing schedule. With no less then two original and two cover bands at any given time, Justin is playing essentially all of the time. Justin’s extremely easy going disposition is a great asset when it comes to providing his students a fun and relaxed learning environment. As with many of our teachers, their easy going outer dispositions are not to be mistaken for a serious commitment to learning.
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Scott joined our staff in 2007 and has had great success ever since. Scott has been studying guitar for the past 20 years and currently holds his grade 10 RCM (practical). Scott is currently pursuing his guitar education at Humber College in their Jazz program studying under some of Canada’s most advanced teachers. While not studying or teaching, Scott spends much of his time producing various artists including himself.
Scott’s gentle and calm disposition make him an ideal teacher and we are happy to have him.
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Matthew joined our staff in 2008. He is currently studying guitar at Humber College with some of this countries most advance players and teachers. In his younger years, Matt studied piano for the better part of 8 years before taking up guitar. Before joining our staff, Matthew spent a number of years teaching privately as well as performing regularly with the Toronto All-Star Big Band. He currently performs regular around Ontario in any number of different types of bands including rock, funk, jazz and even a bit of country. Matthew brings a young perspective to our school and an unmistakeable enthusiasm.
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Jasmine joined our staff in 2006. Since then she has helped her students develop by providing a consistent approach of fun and interactive lessons. While small in stature, Jasmine more then makes up for it in her ability, her enthusiasm and dedication to all things music. We are happy to call Jasmine a member of our teaching staff. Jasmine is a honors graduate from the Humber College Bachelor of Music Program. She spends much of her time performing in various musical acts in and around Toronto in between teaching and being a new mom.
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Marco is a drummer and percussionist with over 15 years of professional experience. Through classical piano training at a young age, Marco developed a delight for music and all things rhythmic. Further musical studies with the Royal Conservatory of Music, Etobicoke School of the Arts, and Humber College gave him the tools and experience necessary to excel in his field. Marco has earned a solid reputation that affords him opportunities to create music with many talented people and wonderful organizations. Highlights include custom drumming and sound design for corporate clients (CTV, TVO, Bravo, TTC), student productions at Ryerson University and the University of Toronto, and numerous club and festival dates throughout Ontario. As a teacher, Marco encourages all of his students to develop practical and applicable musical fundamentals. A strong emphasis is placed on keeping time, reading music, and having fun. When he is not teaching, performing or recording music, he likes to stay active, read books, and relax with his family.